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Walk, Run, or Cycle your way to your goal in July. You can do it from the comfort of your own front room, your garden, the driveway, or even the stairs. Don’t forget about your daily exercise outside per day as well, it all counts towards achieving your goal.  Every bit of exercise counts. You don't need to do the whole distance in one go.

Entries are open now to one of the following challenges:       

RUN HALF MARATHON IN 24hrs - run or walk 13.1 miles in 24 hours. You can do laps of your garden, use a treadmill, your daily exercise or a combination. We're also opening up this event to teams so you can complete the distance as a virtual group or family together on the same day. To enter as a team each person must enter the half marathon event,  and you must state when sending in the proof of distance (or share of distance) completed who the other members of your team are. Every team member will receive a slate and an Always Aim HIgh Events socks.

25km,50km, 75km, 100km, 100miles

RUN Half Marathon in 24hrs

100km, 150km, 200km, 250km, 500km

3km, 5km, 10km

25km RUN - 100km BIKE

Can you climb the cumulative height of Mont Blanc (4808m) in 30 days?

  • Make sure you document your activities. You can use your GPS sports watch (Garmin, Suunto, Polar etc) or your phone to capture all of your movement. We'll be happy to take a look at Strava or similar website data too. If you don't have the technology, drop us a message and we'll come up with another easy way for you to submit your data.
  • For the kids challenges an email from an adult confirming they have completed their challenge will be accepted as evidence.
  • If you do not have an altimeter on your watch you may struggle to collect evidence for the Staircase30 Challenge. We are happy to accept a manual record of your climbs in this instance (e.g. a spreadsheet showing date/total number of climbs (if using staircase)/total height climbed/cumulative total) as evidence.
  • Once you have completed your challenge email proof of you cumulative activities to info@alwaysaimhighevents.com - make sure it’s from the email address that you used to sign up with or we won’t be able to link it back to your entry
  • We’ll add you to our "Roll of honour” on our website so you can marvel at how awesome you are
  • Activity must take place between 00:00 01/07/2020 and 23:59 31/07/2020
  • You can sign up now but only activity that takes place in July will count
  • Exercise completed before you enter can be included as long as it was in the month of July

We will pull everything together and release the results as soon as we can. Please bear with us as due to the COVID-19 outbreak we are we are working at less than full capacity.

We are just as disappointed as you that our summer of events have been effected by the outbreak. We hope you will be supportive of our Virtual Events and embrace them in the positive spirit in which it’s been created.

Best of luck!